Wednesday 1 February 2017

tracking animals

In September 2010 Maike introduced me to a description of how squirrels bounded across the lawn - "boing boing"  
I didn't react to the description until a day or so ago when I photographed squirrel tracks in the snow and thought her descriptive term was quite appropriate. So I looked up the word in goggle and was surprised to find a whole new world! (Which has very little to do with squirrels!)

So here I am looking north:

looking at squirrel tracks in the snow:

What is missing is a squirrel - or a nut! So this is what one looks like, complete with nut:

This guy was in Tudhope Park - and so was I for that matter.

I was going to add fox trots and tracks but they might be wrongly ID-ed so I'll leave that to a separate entry.


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