Sunday 5 February 2017

A well-balanced meal on Super Bowl LI Sunday

All this snowshoeing has made me appreciate nutrition - and eating a well balanced meal.
So here are the ingredients for tonight - since it is personal, I won't describe quantities, will I?

Volker, man ist und isst zweisprachig   
(nur nicht Deutsch.)

However, well-balanced as one can see.
Drinks have to be considered with equal care:

 And I repeat that SB here means Super Bowl/US football similar to German handball. SB does not mean selbst Bedienung. And while we are on the subject of (liquid) bread, here is what I used to wrap up everything:

So Guten Appetit



  1. Great potential here. But where are the seasonings -- the cumin, the chili pepper????

  2. Ah, the Chefin notes the details which the Chef carefully left out - a matter of taste? Good taste - versteht man!

    Made enough for 2018 and 2018! (2 X 800gm) if anyone cares to join me?