Monday 6 February 2017

Hazards of Winter Driving

Actually, I had to look this up: I really mean danger

So Dangers of winter driving:

low over the centre of the road---
Now I have stopped the car because this is the 4th turkey to fly across and I spotted him early. Yes, through the windscreen.

They don't fly fast - but then I had to switch to manual focus - I am on the road.

I was returning from Carthew Reserve mid afternoon.

At least 1 hole made by a pileated woodpecker - the top one.

 Stood here for awhile - a large bird flew off heavily as I was arriving - a grouse, maybe?



  1. I like the photograph of the barn. And while I appreciate you have not harmed a single wild turkey, I have this question: Is photographing while driving, a hazard or a danger to other drivers?

  2. My dear considerate Anne,
    I thought I had made that "clear": I had time to stop safely, take a shot or 2 (non alcoholic ones) before undoing my safety belt, looking in the mirrors three, and exiting the car to take some more, including those of the barn. I had thought of putting my snowshoes back on to get closer to the turkeys - but I did not want to put them under more stress than that already provided by winter.
    Your loving and too kind brother,
    Bill (aka WOB)