Tuesday 21 February 2017

Picture this!

Sorry, YH, I am progressing but slowly.

And maybe we both need a break, a breakdown of the 10 days or so in pictures.
Mon Feb 13
Deers can read:

And the beaver that could not sleep:

Tuesday - skating or the wobbly old bird. Actually, no selfies, please.

And for colour:

Wednesday Feb 15 - fateful day last year. This year better - we have a grip on winter:
With skiing on Mon, skating on Tue, it seemed only fitting to snowshoe on Wed to complete the triathlon over to Leacock
Thur Feb 16, also on snowshoes, a couple of wintery outlooks before Summer:

Fri Feb 17 Carthew Bay and resident:

a Pileated Woodpecker.
Sat sizzling Summer the 18th and sunny hot 11C PLUS at the least:

Sunday was also hot and sunny - just went over to Tudhope with Vicki:

I went biking on Monday/Family Day - morning and afternoon in Orillia, and then in the gym!
And today I went back to Carthew Bay and there were some new tracks. And then it started to rain!
I snowshoed, used the strider and bike in the gym and then swam 200m - and I still weigh too much!

W O B - where the "w" is taking on an unwanted meaning.

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