Sunday 15 October 2023

Once upon a time my camera was broken

 So if Newton can walk a beach and admire the stones, why can't I?

                      A bag of colourful stones gathered at various times in various places.

I am taking my inspiration from some pottery Vicki found attractive while I was training to run a race in Thüringen, along the Rennsteig.

So here is the sculpture:

Vicki and I actually saw an eagle catch a fish at Chatterton Falls in 1991 when we left the cameras in the tent. But the memories ...

So  I did a preliminary in Killarney in August 2015:

Vicki's camera was used to capture the ephemeral.

Then when she was away in 2018 I had the balcony for my stage,


Es ist absichtlich frei - zu wiederholen, zu leben, zu atmen, und weiter zu fliegen und schwimmen.

Do I need to translate that?


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