Sunday 8 October 2023

Greetings from Muskoka

 And I don't mean the chair!

This is Jan's successful interaction in soothing international tensions:

It is the annual "studio tour" of art by Mother Nature and her friends. We were "out and about" yesterday.

We saw some countryside.


in artists' work -

The above canvas was illuminated by sunlight entering through a window in the upper left. There had been strong shadows, However, by waiting for the rain clouds to move about appropriately I was able to get this spotlight.

After 3 years of Covid, I found the artists very open to discussion. Maybe they always were and it is I who is more open?



  1. Bill, lovely fall colours. Sweet chipmunk -- they've been rare this summer in the city yet one crossed my path on this morning's walk. Great reflections. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Anne

  2. Thanks Bill. Jan is right. An outstretched hand sharing food is the answer.