Sunday 17 January 2016

Swans at dusk - Saturday continued

After Donald shared with us some memories Vicki and I shared some of ours. Usually one is disappointed when one returns - the memories are better than reality - however, this time nature did not disappoint.

There were between 50 and 60 Trumpeters within trumpeting distance and 30 right at our feet. There seemed to be quite a mixture of young and old, banded and not. No Canada Geese! However, there were at leastr 2 species of duck present, Black and Mallard.

The cygnets caught my attention: look at their beaks:

Is this normal? Environment or breeding? The top one reminded me a little about Mute swan's yellow-orange beak. Do they sometimes inter-breed?

These 9 seem more normal:

These 3 mottled:

There seemed to be an unusual amount of activity or aggression.

Not all were upset:

And there was lots of room:

Still birds will be birds.


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