Thursday 21 September 2017

Severn River through Gloucester Pool

After leaving Little Chute and Gloucester Passage -

the river opens up suddenly, unexpectedly:

We have nearly 6km of open water ahead of us - OK not open like Lake Superior, and we hug the south/left shore so when/if we are swamped we don't have so far to swim. However, torpedos pass us regularly, and we have no protection.

The boats displace a lot of water.

After Deer Is we stayed south around Burrows thinking we might avoid boats - no! Then around the 2-hour mark, 14:30 we reached Dog Point and took shelter behind some tree stumps off an island SW of Dog that was overwritten with km 382

I did not take as many photos as I had hoped because my attention was focussed on avoiding the torpedoes. Our path from here was around to the right but keeping left of traffic briefly:

When we were at/east of Carthew Is we cut straight across the channel to follow  the west side of Beechwood Is as far as the small opening on the east side of Gouette Is. Once again the Severn opened into "Little Lake" appropriately.

Here we met up with our better halfs, or even haves, but actually halves, maybe even better than 60%? for a respite in the sun at the best Grill by a dam site.

A lovely day.

Thank you, Brian, for your support - that's 2 years in a row that you have accepted a crazy idea from me - politely even! I have been certified - who will be next?


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