Sunday 25 February 2018

Something to trumpet about

If the person who sent me her photo of a pair of Tundra swans would  write and give me permission  to publish the pair in flight (Mar 22, 2015), I would compare Tundra with Trumpeters.

Vicki and I were at Washago on Saturday. There were only 6 Trumpeters - but all were unbanded and adult - no cygnets, no yellow wing tags, not sure about the leg bands.

There appear to be "knobs" but no metallic features.

For being unbanded, the swans were certainly not shy. One came very close to me, so that I felt just a little put upon:

The 6 came and went without regard to my presence - except to see if I had food(?) for them.

So I do hope that I will be granted permission to use NF's photo so I can compare Tundras with Trumpeters in flight.


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