Tuesday 6 March 2018

The story of the beaver

"Bill, and the beaver is on your left a short distance after you enter the wooded straight stretch once you come out of the big curve and past the open field heading towards ... " So began my adventure, started by Donald with several breath-taking photos of a beaver. I wanted to see the animal for myself. I actually drove past the place 3 times before deciding to park the car and walk slowly to see if I could see better on the ground.

At first I saw nothing:

I am not very observant - note the little trees left of the large tree trunk and right of the stump at the edge of the brown ice. From a few feet further those little trees look so:

Now this is looking promising. And I did open my eyes a little wider.

And I took a closer look:

And the clinching evidence, maybe:

A beaver!

With its chewing stick:

From 1992!

Well done beaver.



  1. What a very busy beaver. Didn't know they could be so active by daylight. Good investigative photography!

  2. Thank you - thank Donald who told be where I might find the busy< one.