Tuesday 26 June 2018

A little of this and that from Langman's

Inertia? Lazy? I have not posted 1% of some good outings in recent weeks. So those of you who have had "great expectation" - I am sorry I have been tardy.

Vicki went out yesterday to explore and kindly agreed to show me today what she found. Work in progress! So just a little sample from this morning.

Some birds:

This is the "bird feeder" for the Mute swans and evidently the swans and their 5 cygnets didn't get everything.

How about water spiders? Are they actually spiders?

And some Wood lilies:

There were also orchids, dragonflies, etc., etc., and 20 other days, and rope making with Ramara Historical Society - try it, it is very interesting and an increasingly lost talent. And then the pyramids!


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