Monday 1 October 2018

An August project: 2015 and 2018.

Verse 1
It began a very long time ago - 1991  - when the family went camping in Quetico. After sorting out initial difficulties we reached Russell Lake and camped across a bay from Chatterton Falls. One day, Vicki and I paddled across to stand on the bank of the river just to watch the rapids when down the river toward us flew a bald eagle. We watched as it banked before us and swooped down on the swirls of water where rapids meet lake. It caught a fish in its talons, rose up and majestically flew back up the river out of sight.

Latitude   48.4791 degrees    
Longitude -91.4478 degrees    
Elevation      374 meters

Verse 2
In 2009 Vicki and I visited Thüringen. I was running the 43.5km race and Vicki took the opportunity to visit several factories and museums displaying porcelan figures . beautiful hand-made/hand painted objects including a bald eagle catching a fish.

Verse 3
In July 2015 my Pentax broke. In August I was in Killarney Provincial Park for the Perseid Meteor shower and the loon count, and no camera. So I started an art project on a park's picnic table. It looked like this:

I borrowed Vicki's camera to take the photos.It gives a new meaning to pixels, doesn't it! However, I couldn't take it with me - or could I?

Verse 4
I bagged it!

And while Vicki was away this August, 2018, I brought out the stones to see what I could do, re-create.

I don't think I did as well. Maybe the lighting? Maybe the ladder?

Anyway, that was one of my August projects.



  1. What a nice story! The world is so little. Greetings from Thuringia

  2. Yes, how true; vielen Dank, Jörg. Gut dass man mehr als eine Sprache spricht.

  3. This is indeed a nice story. Thanks for sharing! Hi from Saxony :-)