Friday 2 November 2018


I spent nearly an hour with a mink at McGee Cree in March 2017
And I was very much aware of that encounter when I met a mink beside my kayak back on Thursday, October 11. Sorry about the delay in reporting. I actually want to try a technique of referencing that I will use for creating an astronomy page - non sequitur for most people  but I see some logic(?) in it.

So here I am in the kayak when the mink swims pass my bow and scrambles ashore at our "dock":

I think, thought at the time, that the leaves might be nesting material. I have not seen the mink since so will have to wait and observe tracks in the snow and maybe some interesting sights in the Spring.

I didn't want to disturb the animal - thinking of future photographic possibilities - and so I paddled away, nearly 1km, beyond Leacock, when I saw another mink:

We don't have these large blocks of  - dolomite? Anyway, I returned to our condo, slowly, looking to see if the mink was still in the vicinity - yes!

I landed and put the kayak away and then waited patiently(?) Non-invasively, I hope.

I wonder how safe the Kingfisher burrow is - it is less than 200m away, and I have seen the area and would not say I am that alert. Certainly it is not a matter of life or death for me. I have seen a raccoon in the vicinity of the burrow and a brood of Kingfishers afterwards so I do hope there is space for them.

Wise Old Bird - just experimenting after a Tom Wilson recital, Beautiful Scars.


  1. Dear Bill,
    I like that you were able to title this entry in your archives "mink" in addition to the date. Anne p.s. I also liked the photos a lot -- what a busy animal!

  2. So substitute for "Mink" "astronomy library archive" in which one
    would find info on solar/aurora, lunar phases, ISS visibility, metoer shower activity, comets visible, talks to be given? etc if one could just recall the link to that astro blog. Wanted to do it on November 1st but didn't - maybe Dec 1 astronomy or Jan 1? Thanks for your interest and your comments.