Wednesday 14 November 2018

Leonids and the Photographer.

I am sitting beside my computer - if it is the thing in the black box with a red band around the front - and I am sitting more  or less in front of 2 monitors, screens. The one on the left is taking back in time and place to Thursday December 7, 2017 and a trip to Calakmul, complete with some sound recordings on some videos of howler monkeys. The screen on the right has this blog being typed but also behind it the program Corel Paint Shop Pro X8 with this image:

The Leonid Meteor shower is expected to occur this weekend although the moon is a problem for most of the night

Do you recall the shot I took of an Orionid fireball last year?
Was that luck with the Hyades and the Pleiades in the photo? No, I only took photos of Taurus! However, it was still a lucky shot, 1 out of 85 taken on 2 nights. It was the 12th exposure of 27 on the first night. And I did not record any more.

So, looking at the chart above, if you want a meteor shooting through Gemini, look there. And if you want to photograph it, well ...

Ditto for a meteor through Orion further west.

Actually the photographer has been grappling with another problem,"The Mind-Body Problem"
Don't open this link unless or until you have some time to think - a good non-slip exercise for the winter, maybe.

And the ice now extends out from shore some 50+ meters if it matters.


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