Wednesday 4 June 2014

These 3 photos are of the same damselfly under different lighting. I think it must have just hatched but there was no exuvia on this plant. I actually held the stem and brought in focus while the camera was set to manual. The damsel was most co-operative for more than 30 minutes with the black box only 45cm away. Not to mention a whole kayak at eye level. Not sure if this is an Orange Bluet. I need help here.

                                          Exuvia - one of two I found and photographed
            Some Eastern Forktails - maybe! And the red are imature females. Total = 6!

                                                   Kingfisher watching me look at its nest
                                          Its nest is in the bank to the right of the bare bank

1 comment:

  1. Nice series.
    But the "dragonfly" in the second last picture is a bit fuzzy.