Friday 27 June 2014

Night-time is when one usually thinks of astronomy and when one has a telescope, Saturn is usually among the favourites. June-July will be a good time to try to find one of the more interesting satellites in the solar system and near Saturn: Iapetus

It and Saturn will be difficult to see in August - low among the trees around the Killarney site but we shall try. Other difficult events may be aurora borealis and the recurring Perseid meteor shower - short nights and moon light as well as weather may spoil our chances. However, if you do not look you will also not see anything either.

How many attempts did I make to capture M31 and a meteor?

200mm F/6.7 30sec Exp ISO-1600 3 Oct 2010 above.

  18mm F3.5 30sec Exp ISO-1600  3 Oct 2010 below
Good luck - wob


  1. Nice ones oft M31! Jens and I Trier but only bot a slightly fuzzy spot, not even a gibt of disk. What parameters did you use?

    Kim /.

    P.S. Please give your posts subjects!

  2. Sorry about the spelling. The touchpad tries to autocorrect in German and I missed some. Love, Kim /.