Thursday 25 September 2014


I have been silent but very busy observing the changing seasons. On Sept 23, the first day into Autumn, I visited Scout Valley above Orillia. Al of Saskatoon had sent me photos from his Autumn walk and I felt
challenged to "move"! (Al gave me a course on digital photography 10 years ago) "Mouse-over" will give you my titles to the photos - can you dream up alternative titles?

There is a lookout off Old Barrie Road and that is my start:

Next I walked down the trail off to my right:

Lots to see - too much perhaps.

green darners:


I have since gone onto the water in my kayak - but I will leave that to another day. I wish everyone good health to enjoy the weather as it comes - wob


  1. Things are still pretty well green here in the sunny South!! Lovely pics!

  2. Great pictures! I especially like the Milkweed blowing. Reminds me that I have to start saving pods from places were there are lots for the taking. They are great firestarters and will help our Wilderness Survival classes with students as they learn the art of fire making. Cheers, Naomi

  3. Very nice. Especially the first Meadowhawk with a very good contrast to the background.