Sunday 12 October 2014

Autumn Colours on the move

I have been wondering about my last entry: "busy". I do not feel that is correct - active is maybe better. Out and about paddling the kayak, walking with Vicki, poweroutages with hiking poles in Scout Valley. The time since Killarney has just zoomed by.

So I just want to send a few signals that I am alive and well and living somewhere, somehow. These 2 are from Friday and from the balcony - do not have to go far to see colour.

Vicki and I have seen several, "a few" Monarch butterflies this year but numbers are a way down..

These photos were taken at Bon Echo  geology here:
I like this work but there are not too many pictures - so here are some:
We went to Lake Mazinaw because of the pictographs - another blog - and because the lakes offered the posibilities to photograph the Milky Way and any Aurora (we saw none).

The above are looking south-west.
The next are looking east of North:

I think my camera has a red sensitivity issue. Anyway, there are more than a 1000 photos between the first and last one. So I was friendly to your email account, maybe? I have a new non-green Darner to post plus maybe a spreadwing. And Autumn colours and visits, and ... WOB

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