Friday 24 October 2014

I will soon be off to witness the landing of Philae - here is a prologue

The following film was made made more than decade ago and shows the path followed by Rosetta.
ESA made the film to attract young people into the team - acting, graphics, computer programming,
etc, we cannot all be one or the other, not all can be astronomers from my egoocentric
position. How to encourage and motivate people? Give them a vision in which they might
find themselves

For those of you who cannot wait for pictures from Philae, here is a 58minute video recored live from June 2011:
I appear about 6 times! for 2 minutes each time - but do not believe it! Unfortunately, I do like the music - WOB


  1. Did the strategy work? Were young people attracted and brought into the team? I like the sound of giving them a vision which motivates them. Thanks for the film. I look forward to more from you about the landing. It's so exciting that you will be there at ESA for it.

  2. Thanks for sharing & enjoy your trip!