Thursday 23 October 2014

Bass Lake Eclipse, ISS, Iridium Flare

Vicki and I were at Bass Lake, east side, parked off Line 15 west of Orillia, to watch a partial solar eclipse as well as the ISS and an Iridium Flare. The weather was near perfect, 10C breeze to keep the July-August bugs away for another year and no clouds at thre start. I set up the H-alpha telescope and we saw the eclipse, sunspots, prominences on the limb and a "snake" on the face of the sun. The eclipsed sun photos were taken through a mylar filter.

Vicki suggested that the ISS might have been partially in the moon's shadow since I did not pick it up until it was well passed the zenith.
Here is the ISS path vs moon shadow

The H-Alpha views showed a narrow dark line, a prominence, projected on the sun on the other side of the sun's equator (north lat) to the large sunspot group, probably #2192. The line might have been associated with #2193?


  1. Beauty, thanks for sharing! I was still driving when it happened and missed it.

  2. life is too short - stop and smell the flowers before they land on your grave! I was told, however, that flowers smell sweetest at the end -wob