Wednesday 15 October 2014

Astronomy in Killarney

had some trouble - this is a test.

Astronomy in Killarney.

Sun - white light on Tue Aug 5, 2014:

H-Alpha light on Aug 8:

Moon on "Mon"day, Aug 4 2014:

 Aristoteles, Eudoxus, Caucasus Mts, Mare Serenitatas:
 Copernicus, Eratosthenes:
 Herschel, Ptolomäus, Alphonsus:
 Mare Imbrium, Archimedes, Aristillus, Autolycus, Spizbergen Mts :

Aug 13
Big Dipper:
 Dome and Cas - northerm Milky Way:
George lake on Mon Aug 18 with the red glow of light polution on the clouds facing Sudbury:

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