Tuesday 28 October 2014

Saturday Afternoon, October 25th

I am months away from filling in this summer - and the risk is great that even this past weekend will not make it to the blog or to your SPAM!
On Saturday Vicki and I walked 4K in warm Autumn sunshine but it was windy. My goal was to see if there were still dragonflies around. I went to a spot where there were fallen apples and I was rewarded:
I did not see any apples on the ground but there were swarms of flies. The apples that were defying Newton were quite red:
How to show that it was windy?

How to show that it was warm?
And that I was still thinking about comets?

(Do a mouse-over to get my name for that image.) All within 2Km of New Uhthoff - so who or what was Uhthoff?

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