Wednesday 29 October 2014

Landing on a feather - remotely, with eyes closed

It is time for Canadians like myself to brush up their German!

Back on the 11th of June 2011 I compared what is going to happen on Wed Nov 12 to trying to land a "Santa Claus" or dandelion seed head, on a feather with both floating in a breeze but falling under gravity. So here goes:  Wie die Landung auf einer Feder

I hope the patient lives!
However, nothing ventured, nothing gained - this is much more difficult than landing on the moon and I wish the pilot every success on the 12th and hope to see him the following week, rain or shine!

In the meantime, there is some background to AMBITION with several links to additional footage and sound. It is interesting that the film team thought it strange that one neede a film to attract people to the Rosetta Mission. I tend to agree, mainly because the public has not been continually informed about what is happening. Consider how often people get their daily weather forecast! Or traffic report.

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