Wednesday 4 November 2015

Lake Louise - Wm Notman & Son pre 1907

This is my 3rd visit and the first when I spent more than 1 day here. Neadless to say I saw/photographed a lot of impressions.

I thought for this entry I would keep it simple: compare what the Notmans saw more than 100 years ago with what I saw in Oct 2015. I shall make a separate entry for the details.

First, what everyone "sees" when one arrives:

And this is what I "saw":

Pretty close.

The next shot that the Notmans took was from 1+ km along the right shore so that one has a peak around the left corner at Mount Lefroy:

And on Thursday Oct 8, 2015, it looked like this:

I intend to look more closely at the glaciers, Victoria Upper and Lower on another occasion - plus a look at the shore to the left.I noticed the "Notch" already in 1993 and it remains a landmark for me.

It is a truely magnificant landscape.



  1. Love the comparison between what you saw now and then- the notch is so cool! If I get back there I will look for it. Thanks so much for sharing :0) Norrie