Sunday 14 February 2016

This little piggy went to market

Happy Valentines, Happy Family
                  D A Y

Green Jelly Three Little pigs 

went to ---- the Orillia Deli bakery with me today. Front-Atherley and Queen
across from the CN tourist bust stop.

We were down to our last stale roll and I thougjht my significant better other deserved fresh.
So out I went into the cold 

It was a beautiful day, maybe a touch of frost and a wee tiny bit of wind chill:

The bakery was giving away ginger snap hearts for valentine heros - like myself! Actually the day itself was its own reward. So I got Vicki some Nanaimos - her current weakness - for our afternoon brain food. On the way back I saw some icicles hanging from the old station eves - complete  with water droplets and that at -20C is a miracle.

W O B                                                                                                            


  1. Ginger likely has some redeeming traits for your Lenten diet. Nanaimo bars as brain food? I wish!!! Good for you for walking to market. Nice icicles -- and they can just hang there in the sun and get longer and slimmer! Anne

  2. And I "hung" out there too for awhile, catching the golden sun - but there are calories in heat so I am not sure about the icicle treatment working on humans wob

  3. And this was to be the day before!