Wednesday 24 February 2016

Today's weather brings to mind a day 4 years ago

Today had to be seen to be believed - and most of Germany slept through it so here is a replay.

First what happens around zero C:

Can you see Lake Simcoe above Toronto and right/East of the bottom of Georgian Bay?

The picture below was taken between snow storms which had visibility around 500m. And while it was just raining and the visibility was 10K:

The weather network had a photo taken at little Higjh Falls and here is mine:

And the ice below it looked like this:

That was Jan 30, 2012. Doesn't that look a little like this:

taken last July from New Horizons flybe of Pluto?
For comparison - maybe - in my photo the rafts are order 30cm, and on Pluto 30km?

And a last memory:


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