Thursday 24 November 2016

24-Hour Aurora Watch

Have been very busy, lots of memories and impressions, but no entries.

I am alive. This was my outlook yesterday morning:

Some ice has formed and the north wind has driven it against our south shore - 2 layers of "sedimentary" ice, the beginning of the next ice-age, perhaps?

Looking upward, a little:

There is "something" left of the flagpole  -

Something to trumpet about - 5 cygnets that can fly, and 2 adults who know their kids are neither in hospital nor in jail. Tom's definition of successful parents.

Nevertheless, it is a gamble in winter, life:

And look what the night brought:

No aurora.

And this morning no Trumpeter swans:

Just a dying dragonfly -

gazing out over what has been -


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