Sunday 13 November 2016

Ethan Meleg: For the Love of the Landscape!

Last Wednesday, a young old friend,   Ethan Meleg,  gave a talk: "For the Love of the Landscape!" at the
Orillia and District Camera Club.
In a separate blog I will show my exercise book following Ethan's menu:
"dramatic light, strong foregrounds and depth of field from near to far"

Here I want to recall our (Vicki's and my) first encounter with this remarkable
enthusiastic person at the Orchid Festival on June 4th 2011 at Tobermory.

Ethan introduced me to the "green laser" for showing rare delicate plants without  stepping off the path. I now use a couple of them in my astronomy programs and they might also be used for locating birds, insects, etc. One must be careful and not shine the light into any creatures eye.

And he reminded us of one of our favourite orchid applications:

Unfortunately this portrait of vanilla ice cream insisted on being landscape.

Ethan is a motivator as well as an artist and excellent naturalist. Very fortunate to have made his acquaintanceship.


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