Wednesday 7 June 2017

N1 2

I am not into sms' texting abbreviations - I would have tried 'abreviashun' 4 e.g.
So I'll never make the You-Twit headlines, 2 mch compeds nywy.

Jens kindly explained that "N1" meant 'nice one' - so Kim's comment makes two too.
So today it is N1 2 - I am 2 old 4 this.

Last November I took these snakes, an Eastern Fox or Milk, maybe a Hognose but I cannot see the head, or maybe a young black Northern water snake. In any event very good to have around U.

Not everyone can carry off that hair style, Very "N" or even "In".

And now for something almost but not quite completely different:
Not 2 happy?

These criters or critters have been around longer than humans have - good luck to them.


 PS There are a couple of articles in today's NATURE on the age of humans
and the dating/chronology process  b

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