Sunday 11 June 2017

Nuts about Nature - Passport to the Carden Centre

It was a great day for Kawartha - 29C, some breeze, sunny.
Vicki and I were present to look at the sun with a Coronado H-alpha solar telescope

Weather was good as  I said but there was little activity to be seen. Here are some images from the SOHO solar observatory in space - the very latest images of the sun.

The closest to "white light:

And from activity, similar in appearance to H-Alpha, the 304 Ångström

Surface magnetic fields were also weak:

One can never be sure of the weather - at 40% probability of rain - so I thought maybe I ought to offer an indoor program as well, and make a comet. It turned out that it was out of the heat and welcome.

I do  not have any photos of Comet Courtney fresh from "baking" - maybe I'll receive some in the mail and can include them. However, about an hour later I started cleaning up and noticed several jets had appeared:

And did I say it was a good day for ice cream?

I hope everyone arrived home safely - W O B

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