Thursday 23 January 2020

Water skiing in January?

Well, its like this - it snows when it is cold and rains when it is warm. This repeats every 5 to 15 days with a temperature change of 15 degrees in 24 hours. So that means that from time to time one can water ski in winter.

So today I started out like this:

My skis,

However, this is what I saw yesterday -

This is white-water skiing!

The judging - yes, of course this is competitive - have their "stand" -

Looks like  it "otter" if I may speculate.

Some contestants flew in for the event:

Raise the draw bridge, please.

Why? Because we ski behind really big boats - after the snow has been removed -

Here is how I appeared after the competition was over:

Just a little shaken - shivering to get warm?

Wise old Bird, maybe?

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