Saturday 25 January 2020

You should put these on your blog for K and J. These are really good photos. V

The ice has been thinning with rain and +1C today. So when I am told to do something, the wise old bird did as he was told!

Today we were north of Carden in a forest growing on alvar-like terrain. I did not want to get in the way of 2 busy and efficient scientists so I took some photos through the looking glass. At times, it was snowing, the white streaks.

Please enjoy responsibly.

These were the most common. However, for about 5 minutes out of 5 hours, this little fellow appeared:

The following is not a bird, does not even fly, although its relatives do - maybe a theme for the summer?

There is now, I see, a distinct reddish theme to make up for my lost red curls of youth:

And the people who made it possible: the Trillium inspectors!

Thank you  -  Wise ol' Bird