Tuesday 16 June 2020

Scout Valley Rocks!

Back in May, while walking with Vicki looking for Trillums,

A little bird, descendant of dinosaurs - as an egg, hard as a rock? A different kind of fossil idea?

I was quite surprised by this. And wondered. When what to I see:

This is the sort of thing I might have done for a Winter's rally. And maybe even written a poem. However, here?

So yesterday I thought I would revisit the Trillums and see if the pet rocks were still on duty. There were new ones - if a rock can become "new":

This one was on a side trail and I wonder if it was serving to mark out a hike? The next one was more difficult to see - it is hard being "green"!

This had a different style - maybe a Leprechaun?

This next one I walked by before realizing I had just seen a turtle !

 Do you see a turtle looking at you`? There is a bridge to the right over the Mill stream and it was from there that I saw "it".

It has the right number of scutes, 13.
This is getting very interesting. I sat t´down on Bob Bowles'  bench  to think. Some effort by one or more naturalists and Indigenous, maybe?

I was on my return when this patch of colour caught my eye.

Thank you for a wonderful outing."miigwech"


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