Sunday, 28 June 2020

The Sanctuary -ein Spaziergang mit Freunden

Liebe Angela, Lieber Peter,
Yes, if it weren't for Covid19 we would probably have walked together, an den Freitag, around the source/Quelle of Bass lake, its outlet, the North River which actuall flows North some distance before finally turning West into Matchedash Bay and Georgian Bay. So. since you cannot be here personally - social distancing in the extreme!
Please join us as we share what we saw sequentially/chronologically - it was a very good day.

The sanctuary is called the Langman Sanctuary

It is about 300 - 400m across the North/bottom of map, and the total circumference will be approx 1.5km. We'll start at the bottom right and go counterclockwise around the marsh on trail #1.

We'll start with the Summer Triangle

And what a pair of Trumpeters sound like when they are in Spring Fever - as opposed to Cabin fever

Our route is dangerous, there be Dragons  - Chalk-fronted Corporal Dragonfly (Family Libellulidae)

And on a warm day what might be better than vanilla ice cream?
Showy Lady Slippers

also known as the moccasin flower  - a beautiful sad haunting story

And Wood Lilies

Now for the shutter bugs, composition is not everything - luck is  and it favours those who are outside looking for a shot. The butterfly is a Northern Crescent

I think I'll pause this walk on the East side near Line #14 with another "orange subject,
a Baltimore Oriole

There is a bench here where we can rest  - and I can go ahead and see if I can identify a few more birds and plants,

And drink lots of water!


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  1. Very nice photos. Wish we could be there!
    Kim /.