Saturday 31 October 2020

In the eye of the beholder

 It was mid September and I was depressed. I forced myself to go for a walk - over to Leacock - and I was overwhelmed. I cannot recall if there was a reason for my depression - probably not - but I was inspired to continue my walks, naturally with the camera, I don't have  a dog anymore! I have mentally composed a dozen essays that I thought I would share but have not. Too busy, too personal, too ... Anyway. I have submitted a few items in the past 6 weeks but nothing really from my soul, like I intended. This entry is also not a deep thoughtful one but rather an attempt to share the colour that I found today when Vicki and I visited our very dear friend Kathleen. If you go back a few years there is an entry with a deer watching us rake leaves.

Vicki and Kathleen have known each other forever!

I am represented by a rake - ummm ?

Deer, bear, turkeys and turkey vultures, porcupine, share this space. Today socially distant tea.

So colourful.  4°C, no breeze until the afternoon.

A wonderful fulfilling day of raking leaves with friends.

W I S E    O L D   R A K E, wob

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