Saturday 6 November 2021

Rumours and Murmurs of ... birds

 We had been talking about what we might do if we ever stopped climbing the walls when Donald phoned to say he had sighted some Sandhill cranes the day before. So off we went like the down of a thistle. First a few showers. Then we saw traces of snow on the ground, And then our first hawk - maybe Redtail?

Then we reached the road where Donald had reported seeing some Sandhills. We saw lots at maybe 4 different locations, each having 100s of birds, maybe a total of 700 to 800 with that kind of uncertainty. It would be possible to count the birds but I have not done so. (I have trouble counting to 6 in order to play "Chopsticks" so you might understand my reluctance just now.)

In just these 2 photos there are over 90 cranes.

However, what really touched me were the Starlings - again a large number, potentially countable, not as many as I saw off the Rail Trail North about 5-6 years ago and recorded elsewhere in this blog.



 What a wonderful world - WOB

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