Monday 1 November 2021

Seeing Red

 It is becoming a problem - it was last Summer when I last wrote an entry. I have had so many ideas about what I wanted to do next "tak"

It is that time of year when I see "red" - red leaves, red berries, red signs!

 And yes, Virginia, this gives me the Creeps - a couple of slants on "life" Jim but not as we know it.

Actually there are 2 such seasons, the other being in June when I see red cherries and strawberries.
And I think especially of a friend who is red-colour blind and who could still pick out a ripe strawberry with the best of us - "it has the right shade of mud!" "By the Way" will know I mean him.

Anyway, my sister invited us over for a lucheon. And we accepted. I asked Vicki if she were going to take her camera - "No". I thought about this and decided if I don't take my camera there will be red cardinals singing their hearts out from every roof top and tree bough.

So I took my camera and saw nothing.

                                       picture nothing

Then my sister laughed - this is not a good sign.

Rub my nose in it - there was a cardinal and I had completely missed it!

(It had been covered with pumpkin pie, Kimberley!)

OK, I did know about this one and did see it but my sweet young sister caught the Wise Old Bird completely off guard.

And then Dave said he had seen one beside the garage - maybe it was still there?

And there was somthing red - and - I fell for it again!

So now maybe you will understand how excited I can be when I see a Robin!

And then my sister sent me this:

And my sister is a kind and considerate person.

So, yes, I do know what real Cardinals looke like:

Wednesday March 17:

Saturday, April 24:

And the leaves came tumbling down



  1. Oh, Bill, I do love the red berries, red cardinals, and red leaves! But I could live without the red signs. From your "kind and considerate" sister, with thanks and love.

  2. We have had red signs since June - hard hats for the workers on occasion - like on a Sunday. No rest for the wicked. And the signs are still here, no sign of "migration", just mitigation.