Friday 10 December 2021

And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.

 Well, that seemed simple enough - then I read that Brant geese line their nests with "copious amounts" of down, using more down than do Eider ducks, from her book A Naturalist’s Guide to the Arctic

 So I have just identified a Downy woodpecker - and had it confirmed:

It often feed on suet hung out at winter bird feeding stations. Now I know where to look.

No Redhead . so female but that would also apply to Hairy woodpeckers, too.

The point for ID that I was given was the shorter/smaller bill that the Downy has, compared to the larger Hairy. I compare distance from eye to base of bill to length of bill - comparable for the Hairy. So now for some profile shots. Please pose - and smile if possible for the camera:

Thank you.

And now why the name, Downy? Nesting   I looked it up and:

"The cavity is lined only with wood chips."  !!!

Seems strange, Try Google:

"The Downy's name refers to the soft white feathers of the white strip on the lower back, which differ from the more hairlike feathers on the Hairy Woodpecker."

And I'm  just a hairy guy! So there you are - if I hadn't asked I would not have been able to sleep tonight. A summary.

I guess I am ready for the Christmas Bird Count.




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