Monday 20 December 2021

I guess I am ready for the Christmas Bird Count.

 In the first instance, I am playing this straight. Donald M., Vicki S. and I spent Saturday in a snow "storm" with strong winds. In the morning we walked over toward Leacock. I did not expect to see this hawk

Saw this - Redtail? - on October 28. It then flew off never to be seen again?

However, when we got to "Leacock and Museum" we thought - I thought - I would surely see the Downy again. No such luck. However, we did see at least 2 different species of Finch -

I had seen a Redpoll nearby several days earlier - but never a House Finch. I have to correct that: I saw a pair of House Finches in May 2016 (Wed May 25) -

(And Arni, the tree is real and still there!)

But back to Saturday and counting the snow drops. I know the difference between a muskrat and a swan even when both are swimming. And 2 Trumpeters and 3 Mutes, too, I'll stick to them to complete.

Not even a flying squirrel:


There were 2 - yes, astronomers can count at least this high, maybe even to five:

The 2 Trumpeter swans are in the foreground. And the 3 Mutes near the shore of Barnfield - Tudhope:

A snowy blowy blustery day.


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