Thursday 27 January 2022

A "Snowy" and an "Albino" seen yesterday in Grant's Woods

 Yesterday I was called in to see one of my clarinetist acquaintances, Hugh,  I think he may have needed some new reeds! By my reckoning he can now buy more than 100 choice reeds

So thus enlightened by many British "pounds", I set off for a walk in the woods. I may have a somewhat vivid imagination?

 That is my one and only "Snowy" so far, this Winter; hope Donald can help.

Then I saw "it". I have recently seen a Red Squirrel in Germany, and many Eastern Gray Squirrels around Leacock and Tudhope - some were black. But I had honestly never seen this one before,

Someday I might present you with The Mount Graham Red Squirrel blog, years in the making.



  1. And I've started imagining that some of the bird and squirrel nests high up in the trees are racoons. Dear brother Bill, what has pandemic life done to our brains?

  2. And let us not forget "reds under the beds" and "pillow man" and "Socky" and "Honky", the Christmas Goose - It may be Covid, but it might also be the wrong season to be a Leaf/Raptor/Blue Jay fan that has "cooked" or frozen the water on our brains - settled down for a long winters nap when out on the lawn - you know the rest! And be thankful, too