Tuesday 8 November 2022

4 to 6 AM and all is well?

 I was so brave persuading Donald to look at the lunar eclipse. In true Huckleberry Finn fashion I even asked him to bring me a coffee when the Drive-through opened at 5AM.

Thus we were both committed "lunatics"? Maybe! I am certainly not in a position to say anything but thank you. And the temperature dropped to 3°C as the  Moon dropped into the trees:

The start was a couple of hours earlier:

The colour began to appear about half way in:

And into total there appeared an even darker area about the centre of the umbra:

Not bad for November. No wind.

Good Morning, Jason!



  1. Great shots! The eclipse through the trees could become the new PacPeep, as of course, PacMan is progressive and diversifying its colour and gender.