Tuesday 15 August 2023

An Umbrella of Meteors or a Summary of Perseids

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 Although the Perseid shower is not completely over as of this writing, the maximum has passed.

The "live" shower:

 The above was at the time of writing. Cut and paste the following for your "current" value:


Click on "Peak" when the link comes up to see some structure:

There is an option I used, Screenshot, and then Download.

One can see gaps in the data, in the coverage of the shower, usually caused by lack of land and hence observers over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. This can be exaggerated by volcanic activity in Iceland and Hawaii, bad weather, but also wildfires in Hawaii/Maui

 Looking ahead for the rest of this year, there are several more major meteor showers The guide lists phases of the Moon. While these showers may be mosquito-free, remember that windchill and tiredness may be factors  - so dress warmly.

Looking ahead to next year the Moon will be a factor with 1st quarter on Mon Aug 12, 2024
(Dial in the month and the year and then click "Go".)

Moon Phases Calendar

I wish everyone a safe and great arrival in August 2024 - W O B

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