Sunday 13 August 2023

Field Notes from Afar Alvar

This links to the Perseid Meteor shower page 

Always depend on luck! (Then you don't have to be modest about your skills?)

So we were skunked  on Friday evening - heavy cloud, some rain on our way home.

Still we had a party of 10 and that company was quite good and entertaining. We reassembled last night for a better "show" - which I am now going to "tell".

The light show started after the heavy rains stopped:

The rainbows were in the East, the mist over the pasture to the West, and the tree looking North over Bluebird Ranch.

The clouds were lit at first by sunlight:

The group appeared and agreed to be seen looking for the first Perseid of the night:

The cloud at right then put on its own show for us:

I did not record any meteors last night but saw lots. Here is one photo extending from Cass to Peg and includes Messier's 31st entry in his catalogue of comet-like objects:

Maybe I was "lucky" and did record a meteor?


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