Thursday 1 February 2024

The Invasion

 The 1st wave came just after Christmas

 - or the Winter Solstice


Inspiring Winter Solstice Poems: Snowy Night by Mary Oliver and More 

 They came from the South, in their hundreds - at least there were 100 or so tents pitched on the frozen lake - at least I hope it was frozen - the  tents came and went during the coming days until now there are fewer than a dozen, a sign maybe that the ice was not thick enough - or, maybe, that the ice on Lake Simcoe can now bear their weight and irresponsibility - to First Responders.


They were after our water. 100 years ago we exported it to Chicago and New York. Now they come to us. So far, in peace - but then, they are not "homeless" yet; Miami and New York have not flooded their drinking water with salt - yet. 2nd homes - tents, Tent city for non refugees. Complete with propane heaters.


4 X 4 - no need for dogfood. And the foodbanks of Mariposa are unknown to these invaders.

I look at my orange T-shirt.
There is an eagle eating a fish on the ice. 

But there
are no elders to retrieve the Eagle Feather, to return it to the fallen. 


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