Wednesday 28 May 2014

The Bike Tour

I biked 20+km today. With camera -sigh! So I did not spam you - please write a comment.

KM Zero:

                                         Km 1: Old Rail Trail/Gordon Lightfoot "Railroad Triology"

                                          Km 2: from Orillia's 2011 art festival - seen at the Harbour
                                           Km 3, East::
                                          Km3, West:

                                          Km 4:

                                          Km 5:
                                          Km 6: I think an Eastern Painted turtle
                                         Km 7 - actual, not pretty: Tim Hortons is everywhere
                                          Km 8 - I was surprised:
                                         The Trillium is the Ontario Provincial flower

                                         Km 9 north:
                                          Km9 south:
                                         Km 10
I should not ride so far!
                                          28 May/today vs 6 April X-country:
                                         cool, eh. Same bench 8 weeks earlier
                                         Still waters:
                                          Marsh Marigolds


  1. You wrote "Km 8 - I was surprised:", but why were you surprised?
    Please elaborate your posts a bit more.

  2. I had never seen trilliums here before. This was the former railway bed, "Bahntrasse", so highly distrurbed ground. One does not dig out trilliums in the wild because they usually will not recover. I usually find them in wooded moraines.

    1. Thanks. Maybe you should also in the future add some information to your pictures. Not everyone knows your neighbourhood as you does.

  3. Say supply and demand - OK: I now will add more description as requested. Thanks for your interest

  4. Pretty Trilliums!

    Kim /.

  5. Trilliums do not last long. They show a lot of mutations in colour and petal forms. I feel it depends on the environment because what morph you see is quite local. Oak Ridges Moraine is different from Scout Valley and Grants Woods. I have only seen "green" flowers on Oak Ridges.

  6. It is also illegal to disturb trilliums, they are protected.......just in case, you ever thought of digging one up and moving it!!

  7. Thanks - thought so. 60 years ago I thought they were rare and now, retired, I see them everywhere - better hind sight?

    So how did they manage to get to the rail bed?

    1. animal propagation (seeds clinging to fur or being eaten)? insects?

    2. Well, never say die! The ants do it and there were lots

      "Trillium seeds have a seedcoat containing germination inhibitors. Ants usually eat the coat and thus disperse the seeds. Trillium seeds also require double dormancy (two 3 month cold periods w/ a warm period between) to germinate. The first cold period is required to break "radicle dormancy" and the second is needed to break "epicotyl dormancy". Fresh seed (not dried) is best."

      "Mine have spred nicely both in clumps and seedlings sprouting up. I take the seed before the ants get them and kind of squeeze them out of their seedcoat and into the ground. Takes around 4 yrs from seedling to flower"