Friday 30 May 2014

Today Vicki and I paddled some 6-7km in our canoe. Yesterday I paddled less than 2km in the kayak and took some photos. I had some goals but will show you some scenes from my efforts anyway!

First. Why I went out:

It is just so peaceful. It is 5pm. I wanted to show you a kingfisher. They are quite common
but difficult to "pose":

You can "see" the problem!

                                                     Not on command:

So, can be done!

                                         Back to paddling. 2 more birds: a Grackle

                                           and a common male merganser

                                  The next group are at the Leacock boat house (restored)

                            For my friend, Jens, the Romans were also here, Tyrannus tyrannus:

                                         There were many fish, too - or was that two?

             And back home:

                                                          Have a great weekend - WOB


  1. The first picture with the reflection is excellent!

  2. Thanks, Jens - great coming from you. Did you enjoy the Roman "dig" at you?

  3. Love the first shot! Def. worth an entry in the monthly photo expo.