Tuesday 25 November 2014

ESOC Philae Landing

(Or Santa Claus goes "green")
Who I was on Wed Nov 12 in ESA-ESOC Darmstadt.


 Philae data from approx 1km height:
Below is the setting from the 1:1500 model in Göttingen      

(Philae is in the upper left, "nominally" in the yellow spotlight)


The Rosetta spacecraft's Philae probe, which landed successfully on an orbiting comet on 12 November (see Nature http://doi.org/w8k; 2014), could be renamed Pheidippides — for its record-setting marathon run and transmission of its message before collapsing.
Pheidippides anyone? 

And the truth about the landing  - you can step through this as well 142 images


  1. Hehe,
    the second picture looks like a bunny in front of snake.


  2. I'll take your word on that. 2nd from the top is green ecco santa, and 2nd from the bottom is not! The power of suggestive thinking? Already for chocolate?