Saturday 1 November 2014


I thank Daniel Fischer for encouraging me to go with him to Darmstadt in Feb 2004. That was supported by COSIMA

Lining up Rosetta to deliver

Maybe like this:

Many people have difficulty understanding how dark comets are. So here is an earlier "colour" image of 67P:

I only need between 50 and 100gm of soot per 1-2kg of water + dry ice mixture to get a matrix structure in my comets - a little bit of solids go along way. I am looking forward to the results from some of the Philae experiments - even if the PIs right now are as nervous as anything- in German we would press our thumbs, in English cross our fingers. And in the best of theatre:"Hals und Beinbr├╝ck" Or its all right on the night. Lets go Rosetta.

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