Tuesday 4 November 2014

Team-work:diversity = unity

Mitchell is apprenticing to be a welder - I suspected that when he stood beside me to look at the partial solar eclipse last month - he used a welder's mask. He has a very alert inquisitive well read mind and asked lots of interesting questions as well as raised some thoughful remarks. And he has good eyesight picking out stars in the twilight that I would not be able to see for another 10 minutes. And it brought to mind a problem: we cannot all be astronomers like me! Or dogs like Snoopy, or Green like Kermit. However, we can all be on the same team. Sometimes it is difficult to identify the team. I am going over to Germany to witness man's first attempt to land on a comet. Canada is part of the team; however, I as an informed and interested Canadian am having difficulties learning what our contributions are. Two years ago I learnt that "we" had built the telecommunications system at Norcia 150km north of PerthCanada's Contribution

What actually spurred this entry was a Nature.com alert I received today. And although it is about diversity, that is the key to unity or team-work for humanity. Have a great day.

PS If this ever caught on in our society ...

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