Saturday 28 February 2015

Colour of (salad) Dress(-ing)

It was on TV here.CA; it was on GMX, it was out west seen by Al of Saskatoon. So everyone of any importance saw THE dress. Here is an explanation of THE DRESS
I thought I would try my version and check my monitors - yes I have 2 - and see if can happen again.
So what colour are these unsexy fruit and vegeables?

Do you see turquoise pink and chartreuse? Fine. Next test:

Red and mauve? You are doing well, I am amazed! (I am easily and readily amazed, try me!)
There really are not many colour combinations when you are colour-blind. I know one fellow who was still able to pick strawberries - maybe by sense of smell? Barry, how did you do it?

Pretty easy when there are only 2 colours and both are ripe.
I was not out today, so no frost-bite. Did a couple of km on the dread mill at incline 10 whatever that means. Did not swim as I did that yesterday. Have to see about tomorrow.   wob

PS In a different vane or even vein: do I see leather boots? The story says "vegan" leather - nobody is confessing to have prepared that dish!

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